Being Whimsies, we all have a keen interest in Fashion, and are always ready for a Fashion Show. However, Fashion is not our only interest. This morning, one of us (or two of us, or three, or all—I don’t rightly remember) said, “Hey! Let’s have another Fashion Show!” But then, somehow, we all got distracted and went off and did different things.

Somewhere in the middle of all this, however, it occurred to us that there’s no particular reason why we all have to be wearing the same kinds of clothes at the same time, and so we decided to have instead a Fashion Show entitled “Do Your Own Thing!” This was a wonderful opportunity for each of us to engage in our own particular interests and yet still show off our snazzy Fashions.

So, I’ll go first. It was a lovely Spring day today, and I felt the weather deserved some sort of Outdoor Adventure. I had been playing with the Dinosaurs most of the morning, and though most of them were exhausted and ready for a simple lunch of grass and weeds, Barney felt he wanted to do some exploring for some finer dining fare. So I agreed to go with him, because (as you know), if you’re going to venture far from home, it’s always a good idea to bring a buddy. Two are safer than one, and Barney and I were safe and comfortable in each other’s company as we traveled to the outer edges of Whimsieville, searching for new kinds of grass and weeds.

bbbtessWe did eventually find some lovely dandelions on which Barney had such a feast, which made him so sleepy-headed and contented, I had to carry him home most of the way. Good thing he’s a Miniature Dinosaur!

Mr. Squee went with us, I might mention, to guard against any potential Dogs lurking around the perimeter of Whimsieville. Thankfully, we did not see any, and all in all it was an extremely pleasant outing on a fine Spring day.

But I’m getting so wrapped up in my story, I’m forgetting to mention my Fashion! As you can see here, I’m wearing the Dino Club hat (to identify myself as a friend of all Dinosaurs, and to protect against the strong sunshine) and suede walking boots. I also chose earthy browns and greens, with a little jacket that was just fine as we set out, but entirely too warm to wear on the trip back. My top is brown with little purple and white flowers, just to give a little pizzazz to an otherwise drab and utilitarian outfit.

bbbtillBut enough about me! What did the other Whimsies do? For starters, Miss Tillie was not entranced by the delightful weather as I was, and chose instead to stay indoors all day reading books. She’s been working on the Lemony Snicket series, A Series of Unfortunate Events, and yesterday finally got around to finishing up the last of the thirteen books! Wow! That girl does love to read! I’m not saying she read all thirteen books in one day, but she has been working on the series for over a year now. (And I’m sure that soon she will be giving us all her comprehensive review of what she calls “A Delightful Series!”)

To be honest, sitting about and doing that much reading requires not only a strong pair of Reading Glasses to make the works crisp and clear on the page, but also soft and comfortable clothing that will in no way distract the reader from the imaginary world that comes more sharply into focus with each turn of the page. As we see here, Tillie chose the color white as her theme…perhaps to mimic the white of the pages of her book? She too wears a little soft jacket, as I did, because the Library in Whimsieville is air-conditioned, and one never knows how cold one might get while reading about snowy mountain tops, or abominable snowmen. Tillie assures me there were no snowmen in her books, but nevertheless, she kept her soft white jacket and white comfy socks on all day, as she enjoyed her adventure through the Fantasy Land of books.

bbbtrixTrixie also went on a kind of Fantasy Land Adventure, as she once again plays the Pirate. Oh, how that girl does love to play a Pirate! She rummaged through the Costume Wardrobe and pulled out the eye patch and shiny pirate belt, but this time around, decided she was quite a different kind of pirate. This time around, Trixe plays the Girl Pirate. You’ll notice she’s dressed all in pink, her signature color, with a nod to pirate stripes in her pink and white striped top. She also wears a red and white striped bonnet, which (if you ask me) evokes more the feel of an old fashioned sleeping cap than a pirate, but don’t try telling Trixie that! She has quite an imagination, and can make any Fashion work to her liking.

Speaking of imagination, it’s actually entirely appropriate Trixie wears a sleeping cap for her Pirate Adventure, because once she got all dressed up in her Girl Pirate outfit, she camped out on the Big Bed, pretending it was her pirate ship. So, she spent most of the afternoon on the bed, pretending not to be seasick, as she shouted “Avast!” and grumbled “Arrrgh!” at her imaginary crew, boldly ordering them to “Tote that barge! Lift that bale!” (Again, not the particular duties of pirates, but….again, don’t try telling Trixie that…)

bbbtootFinally we come to little Tootsie who, as you know, is in training for Tree Climbing, so as she does most days, she spent a good deal of time running around in the great outdoors, climbing in and out of bushes, in preparation for her Summer Outing, where Miss Chrissy promises to let her go to the Park and climb some real trees! Tootsie is ever so happy as she’s running and climbing, but after a full day of that kind of phsycial activity, she gets quite tired, as anyone would, so as the sun is setting, she comes inside and puts on a nice pair of jammies.

Tootsie chooses a different jammie every night, and on this night, she chose the yellow jammies, because she’s heard so much from the rest of us about how a Whimsie should never wear yellow, and of course, if you tell little Toots there is something off-limits, of course she wants to do it more than ever.

And why not let her wear yellow jammies? She looks perfectly adorable in them, sitting here against a pink pillow at the end of a long, fun and adventurous day. To make herself extra comfortable, Tootsie has even “let her hair down,” a phrase which usually means to stop being so stuffy and uppity, but of course Tootsie is never stuffy and uppity, and in this case it literally means she has taken the ribbons out of her hair, so it can hang freely all night long, before she puts it up again in the morning, for another glorious adventure of more running, playing and climbing.

bbballBy the end of this day, when we all came in from our various activities and saw Tootsie sitting there in those yellow jammies (which, by the way, we may have to take back our comments about a Whimsie never looking good in yellow!), it suddenly reminded the rest of us of what a long and eventful day we’d all had, and we all felt it was indeed time to get into jammies and relax at last, perhaps with a cup of hot cocoa, and a good movie, and with Mr. Squee.

To continue the spirit of the day, I chose to wear the gray dinosaur jammies, Tillie extends her theme of “white and comfortable,” and Trixie opts for more stripes. Her jammies have a little whale near her left shoulder, to remind her of the sea monster she and her crew fought off earlier in the day. “Arrrrgh!”

So, when it comes right down to it, a day like today has made all us Whimsies realize that we can each do our own thing, and yet still remain true to the Whimsie spirit of friendship and togetherness. In fact, if you ask me, it’s our differences that make our times together that much more fun and enjoyable.

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