fashiconTrixie here! It seems that lately we Whimsies have been so busy with Holidays and Fashions and all kinds of other interesting pursuits, that we simply haven’t had time for Boyfriends. When you’re that busy, you don’t take the time to stop and think about boys, and it doesn’t bother you, but then, as usually happens when you least expect it, a missile comes shooting out of nowhere, instantly catching your attention, and you end up exclaiming…“WOW!!”

That’s just happened to me, so I’m so excited to tell you about my new favorite boyfriend! Well, actually, instead of me telling you all about him, why don’t we first let him speak for himself? Do yourself a favor and stop a moment to take a breath and enjoy this video, and I’m sure you’ll instantly see why I’m so infatuated:

Okay. Done? See that? Hear that? Any questions?

As for the details, his name is George Ezra, and it’s perfectly obvious that he’s very young and very CUTE!! Got to love that hair, those lips, those eyes, those perfect teeth, and will I sound extremely silly if I go on to mention his extremely clear complexion? There’s just something about the way he looks that is so very appealing.

But of course, you don’t just look at him—you have to listen! And with a voice like that, you have to listen! He looks like this mere BOY, but when he opens his mouth to sing, out comes this deep, mature voice of a grown MAN. And you’re surprised. And sometimes being surprised like this is a good thing. I could listen to his voice all day long.

dylanOf course he has a beautiful singing voice, but if you were to hear him speaking (as you can in the middle of this video) it would quickly become apparent that he is a total Brit. Now I love a British accent as much as the next American Whimsie, but it’s our Tessie who is most enamored of British accents, and when she heard this young troubadour speaking, she jumped right on the Ezra bus.

I guess I should mention that Tillie is also a passenger on the Ezra Bus, ever since we learned that Mr. Ezra claims to have pulled some of his musical inspiration from the legendary Bob Dylan. georgemoodyYeah, I guess you could say there are some similarities between Bob Dylan and George Ezra, but our Georgie Boy has a much better voice than Bob Dylan ever had, and of course he’s so much CUTER than Bob Dylan ever was! (Though Bob Dylan did also have his moments, with all that crazy curly hair, when he was younger, as you can see here.)

George Ezra is relatively new on the music scene (when you’re only 21, everything is “relatively new”) so he hasn’t had a CD come out…until now! It will be arriving here in Whimsieville this coming Tuesday, and we are all anxiously awaiting. There are a certain number of his songs we can hear on the internet, but we’re hoping for more, more, more!! And if the new songs are anywhere near as catchy as the songs we’ve already heard, we are all quite certain we’ll be going to bed each night with Ezra Music playing in our brains as we drift off to sleep, dreaming of this fresh-faced, deep-voiced moody cutie from across the pond.

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