jamAll cozy-ed up in their Springtime Jammies, the Whimsies sat down with us to watch the latest episode of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. Some Springtime storms were passing through the neighborhood, so there was a large weather map, and two crawls, one on the top and one on the bottom of the screen, through which the show had to break through to make its appearance. It was annoying at first, but the action was compelling enough that we quickly forgot all about the weather annoyances, and concentrated solely on what was going on in the Marvel Universe. Afterwards, here are some of the things the Whimsies had to say about it.

TILLIE. Well, of course, the first good thing is that we actually got all the way through the show without Mr. Meteorologist making an untimely appearance!

TRIXIE. Yeah! I wasn’t sure we were going to make it, after the way Monday night went. We did have a little thunder and lightning, but it wasn’t that bad.Cloud_to_ground_lightning_strikes_south-west_of_Wagga_Wagga

TESSIE. And the show wasn’t bad either! Not bad at all! It’s just taking us further and further along in the story.

TILLIE. I know what you mean. These last few episodes, it doesn’t even feel like ‘episodes’ anymore, it just feels like one big, long story, and they’re just letting a little bit of it out at a time.

TESSIE. Because it would be too much for us to take in all at once! There’s so much happening!

TRIXIE. And I think the best thing that happened tonight is something that didn’t happen. Skye did not get killed by Ward.

TESSIE. Why? Did you really think that was going to happen?

TRIXIE. Well, no…not really. We talked about that last time, how they can’t kill Skye. But still, it was nice to see that it didn’t happen.

TILLIE. And what was even better was the way she stood up to him! She was very strong.

TESSIE. I loved the way they were talking together in the Diner. She kept saying, ‘Gee, it must be hard to be under-cover, having to LIE to everyone all the time.’ And then she said, ‘What would you say to Agent Garrett, if you could you see him again? Would you tell him he was DISGUSTING?’

TRIXIE. Haha! Yeah! Because she was really saying all that to WARD.

TILLIE. And then she let him have it!

TESSIE. She called the cops on him!

TILLIE. Which was very bold, only she made one slight miscalculation.keystone - Copy

TRIXIE. Yeah: thinking that five or six cops were going to be able to keep Ward from escaping!

TESSIE. Exactly! She should have known better!

TILLIE. Yeah, but she was doing the best she could. And then later she said, ‘I’m never going to give you what you want.’ Strong. Very strong.

TESSIE. Until she thought Deathlok was going to kill him. Then she caved.

TILLIE. Well, she said, ‘He’s a murderer.’ And Deathlok said, ‘Yes, but are you?’ And she’s not. So then she couldn’t let Deathlok kill him.

TRIXIE. I hope this doesn’t mean she still likes him.

TILLIE. I hope so too. I’ll be really disappointed if this whole Skye and Ward thing keeps going, if somehow they find a way to redeem him. He’s unredeemable. He should stay that way.

TRIXIE. Jeez! Till! No love left for Ward, huh?aaaa

TILLIE. None at all.

TRIXIE. So then, you didn’t believe him when he kept telling her he still cared about her, he always cared about her?

TILLIE. Not at all.

TRIXIE. And when she stole the police car, and he ran after her shouting, ‘Wait! You don’t understand! I’m not trying to hurt you!’

TILLIE. Why should I believe that? He’s a liar. And he’s killed people. They’ll have to go a long, long way to bring him back, as far as I’m concerned.

TESSIE. I know what you mean, Till. I’m not really on Team Ward so much myself either right now.

TRIXIE. Well, I’m not saying I am, either. And him saying it’s all ‘Nothing personal,’ well, that just doesn’t cut it for me.

TESSIE. Me neither! It’s ALL personal.

TRIXIE. Yeah, and it was cool how Deathlok got him back with that line about it not being personal. He was just doing what Garrett told him to do.

TILLIE. So maybe now Ward will feel betrayed by his mentor? Maybe now he’ll come away from the Dark Side? Is this how they’re going to try to redeem him?

TRIXIE. It certainly seems like they’re trying to keep the door open for Ward.

TILLIE. I’m sorry. I’m just not buying that.

TRIXIE. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

TESSIE. Yeah! We have two more episodes left now till the end of the season. So something might happen with Ward before then. Or, they might leave it till next season. Either way, we’re really set up for a lot more action, don’t you think?

TILLIE. And not only that! Not only action! What about all that stuff at the end with Coulson finding out more about the Tahiti project—agents-of-shield-visit-tahiti-530x530

TESSIE. O.M.G.!!! Can you believe it?

TILLIE. Actually, I really can. I mean, I never saw it coming, but now that we know, I can believe it, because that’s good storytelling, and that’s what you get with Joss Whedon.

TRIXIE. Even though we don’t particularly like what he does with some of our favorite characters, we do have to admit…he’s pretty darn good at a story twist.

TESSIE. I never suspected at all that Coulson himself was in on the Tahiti project.

TILLIE. But it does explain a lot, doesn’t it? Like, when Skye was given the alien blood, Coulson was very, very much against it. He would have preferred to see her die rather than get that blood. It was never really explained why, at the time. But now we can kind of imagine that on some level, he’s retained some knowledge of the Tahiti project, on a subconscious, emotional level. That’s why he was so much against it.

TRIXIE. And how about his reaction, after he sees the Level 10 transmission of himself? He’s just like…HUH…

TILLIE. Classic!

TESSIE. And as you say, Till, sets us up for next season. All this talk about eventual psychosis and everything…

TRXIE. Gives us something to look forward to, huh?

TILLIE. I HOPE you’re being sarcastic, Trixie! I mean, I certainly hope you aren’t suggesting that you want to see Agent Coulson go crazy!o_m_g

TRIXIE. Of course I’m being sarcastic! I don’t want any of our agents to go crazy! But what I DO want is the possibility that someone might go crazy.

TILLIE. Well, we certainly have that now. But let’s not jump ahead of ourselves!

TESSIE. Ooh! Ooh! Getting back to this episode…can I say something? Can I just say how much I loved seeing the flying car?

TRIXIE. Oh! That was fun, indeed!

TESSIE. And I loved when Tripp said he would help Simmons in the kitchen, and Fitz jumped right up and ran ahead of him, and said, ‘Don’t worry! I’ve got this!’

TILLIE. For sure, he is still not on the Tripp Train.

TESSIE. Yeah, but it was kind of touching to see how upset he got when he learned Ward was a traitor.

TESSIE. He really flipped out!

TILLIE. Yeah, but Coulson restored order.

TESSIE. And said, ‘Don’t worry, I’m going to have a major freak out later.’

TRXIE. (giggling) That was funny!

TESSIE. And Skye’s hair, when the flying car landed. That was funny too.

TILLIE. It was. But you know, those are probably the only funny parts about tonight’s episodes. Otherwise, it was pretty serious. All peril, and chasing, and good versus evil.

TESSIE. I especially liked that little bit at the end, at the motel, around the pool, when Fitz asked Simmons to say she wasn’t Hydra. And he said, ‘Good, cos I’m not Hydra either.’

TILLIE. He was just checking. After what happened with Ward, his faith has been shaken. He doesn’t know what to believe.

TRIXIE. Fitz says he doesn’t believe people are basically evil. Simmons thinks some people are evil, like Ward. But Fitz doesn’t agree.

TESSIE. Yeah, it was kind of nice, for once, seeing them having a differing opinion on something. They’re always so much alike, they can finish each others sentences. But they obviously disagree about good and evil.antoine_triplett_aos_9485

TILLIE. Well, one more thing they disagree about: Tripp. It’s a nice little romantic triangle.

TESSIE. I like Tripp. He’s a good guy. I just don’t know if he’s right for Simmons.

TRIXIE. I like Tripp too. But I think there’s way too much other stuff going on right now to be wondering about romantic triangles.

TILLIE. I think May likes Coulson.may coulson

TESSIE. Well, of course she does!

TILLIE. No, I mean, she likes him likes him.

TRIXIE. You think so?

TILLIE. (nodding) I think we might see some story development in their relationship too.

TESSIE. But not right away, I hope! I mean, maybe next season, right? Because we don’t have TIME for romance right now! We still have a lot of loose ends to tie up this season before we move into more stories!

TILLIE. The show IS going to be back, right? It has been renewed?

TRIXIE. I keep checking the internet to find out for sure, but every time I see something that looks like it might have the answer, it also says SPOILERS on the last episode, so I don’t want to read it. Because I certainly don’t want to be spoiled!

TILLIE. Me neither!

TESSIE. Me neither!

TRIXIE. We’ll have to ask The Man about it. He usually keeps up pretty good with this kind of stuff.

TESSIE. Okay! Let’s go ask him!

And the three little Whimsies jumped down off the couch and ran through the house to find The Man and ask him about the future of SHIELD . We’ve been so busy here in Whimsieville, however, I may have to wait until next week to tell you what they find out. See you then!

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