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tessieavatarTessie had a home with Miss Chrissy, back when they were both young.  Tragically, one night, when Tessie and her other Whimsie friends were left in Miss Chrissy’s playhouse, a pack of dogs (or perhaps wolves!) snuck into the playhouse and dragged the lot of them away.  The next day, when the child Chrissy realized her playmates were gone forever, she cried and cried.  She has since spent the whole of her adult life hoping to find the Whimsies again—particularly Tessie, who was always her favorite.

The details of her abduction are not clear, as Tessie has blocked out much of the horrific incident.  Somehow, she eventually ended up in The Hoard in Pennsylvania, where she was finally rescued by a kind soul from the EBAY Organization.  When Tessie was put up for adoption, through divine intervention, Miss Chrissy was in the right place at the right time and saw her.  Sparing no expense, Miss Chrissy financed Tessie’s adoption and trip back home.

Tessie was a mess when she arrived, needing a good bath and shampoo, and a clean change of clothes.  That first week, she sat around in her pajamas, reveling in the peace and quiet of the clean and simple house that would soon become Whimsieville.

After a week or so, Tessie let Miss Chrissy know that she had made some new friends in The Hoard and would dearly love to be reunited with them.  Unable to resist the heartfelt sincerity in this simple request, Miss Chrissy once again visited the EBAY Organization and financed adoptions for both Trixie and Tillie.  Soon the girls were reunited, and have been inseparable ever since.

Tessie is a cheerful little imp with a spunky and positive personality, despite the many hardships she has been through.  Almost beyond reason, she will always manage to find the bright side of any situation.  She carries with her only two scars from her difficult childhood:  a paralyzing fear of dogs (and wolves!), and the mutilation of her left earlobe, which one can only assume is the point at which the dogs (or wolves) dragged her out of the clubhouse, all those years ago. 

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