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tillieavatarTillie is the Flower Child of the bunch.  While Tessie’s personality is bubbly and effervescent, and Trixie functions as the voice of reason and caution for the group, Tillie simply enjoys life in a laid-back manner every day.  She easily recalls a happy childhood with other Whimsies and human children, and after that, she spent many years sitting on the shelf in her Human’s room,  absorbing all the “Peace Love and Happiness” psychodelia of the later 1960’s.   Her Human grew, however, and went off to high school, and later to college, and finally Tille too, like the other Whimsies, was sent to The Hoard.

Meeting both Tessie and Trixie in The Hoard, Tillie assured her new friends that brighter days would be ahead, they just had to have patience.  While waiting for those brighter days, Tillie amused herself by listening to old LP’s and reading Marvel Comics.  She has a tremendously active imagination, and is a great lover of songs and stories.  Having heard Tessie’s tale of dogs (or wolves), she is wary of the animals, but not as fearful as the other two.

Tillie’s motto is “Life is groovy…so don’t sweat it!”

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