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trixieavatarTrixie’s life has been even more difficult that Tessie’s.  She has blocked out much of what happened to her in her youth, but this much is clear:  at some point, she was in an abusive relationship with someone who tried to drown her!  Thankfully, Trixie is a strong and resilient personality, and not only survived the drowning attempt, but also managed to escape her abuser.  She wandered aimlessly for many years, slowly drying out, and developing her no-nonsense approach to life.

Trixie is cautious when meeting new people, but once she decides you are her friend, you are her friend for life, and she is totally devoted to you.  She has no fears of her own, but has empathetically taken on Tessie’s fear of dogs (and wolves).  She and Tessie became fast friends while living in The Hoard for way too many years.  They are not actually sisters, but Trixie is so devoted to Tessie (and vis versa) that the two consider themselves sisters.

Trixie wholeheartedly believes that NOBODY looks good in the color yellow.

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