ICONSo, as everyone knows it’s January, and that means Winter is in full force. Now, I am happy to report that Whimsieville is in that portion of the country where the weather gets cold sometimes, but it very rarely gets so FRIGID that you can’t even move because it’s simply too uncomfortable. No, our kind of cold in this part of the country is the kind that makes you glad to turn on the fireplace tvand dress up in your warm winter jammies, and have a nice cup of hot cocoa while sitting in front of The Weather Channel, watching the wall-to-wall coverage about the blizzard currently attacking our neighbors to the North. Oh, we do feel so sorry for those poor people up there, who may lose their Electricity, and their Heat, and will have to stay bundled up in more than simply Winter jammies just to keep from being so terribly uncomfortable.

I know what that’s all about, because once upon a time I lived in a Hoard in the North, and the Hoarder was not a very organized sort of person, and sometimes she would forget to pay her power bill in the middle of Winter, and then we would all be FREEZING until she searched all around in the dark to find her coat and galoshes and headed out to go pay that bill, and finally the Electricity and the Heat would come back on and we could all breath a sigh of relief and slowly warm up again. I don’t miss those days at all, so when I think of the people up North who might end up in a situation like that, but there’s no amount of money they can pay, they just have to wait for the Linemen to come and fix their power lines…well, it’s just too sad to think of.

But hopefully that will not happen to too many people during this Storm, and everyone will have plenty of warm jammies and coats and mittens and hot cocoa on hand so they can all stay as warm and toasty as possible until the Weather passes.


As for us Whimises, we do enjoy watching The Weather Channel when there is a big weather event brewing, and so today that is where we find ourselves, parked firmly on the living room couch, watching the cold weather all day long. And isn’t this just the perfect opportunity to have a little Fashion Show of all our Warm Winter Jammies? So here I go: I’ll tear myself away from the weather coverage just long enough to extol the virtues of Winter Jammies.

coldtessFirst of all we have Tessie, and it appears she has found the comfiest jammies ever stitched together! As you can see, she is all in white fleece, like a little lamb, and not only that, but she’s also wearing a hood to keep her head and ears warm! And not only that, but her hood has little ears on top so she does in fact look somewhat like a little lamb, doesn’t she? I asked Tessie and she said the hood in no way impedes her ability to hear the television coverage of the storm, and she does so enjoy looking like a little lamb, so she’s just going to keep on wearing that hood, even though with the fireplace going, we are nowhere cold enough to actually need such a thing. But that’s Tessie; sometimes she’ll get an idea in her head and just go with it.

coldtoots Now! If you want to talk about getting an idea in your head and just going with it, you should take a look at Tootsie! This past Christmas Tootsie found these adorable red Santa Claus pajamas, which she wore all during the holidays, and now she barely ever wants to take them off! Tootsie has decided that “red and white stripes” is her new favorite fashion motif, and she looks for stripes in everything she sees! Santa Claus was exceptionally good to Tootsie this year too, this being her first real Christmas in a long, long time, so she’s exceptionally fond of the big man with the large white beard. As everybody knows, I have my own favorite superheroes (Thor…Hulk…) and now Tootsie has hers too.

Eventually I imagine Tootsie will have to switch to something else to wear, but with the wind blowing outside, and so much snow on the TV making us shiver in our feety pajammies, I don’t think she’s giving up this outfit anytime soon!

coldtill Since Tillie is Tootsie’s very best friend in the whole world, she’s supporting the Christmas madness by also choosing a pair of Christmas jammies. Tillie’s jammies are pink, though, and covered in multiple images of Santa Claus. The very best part of this outfit, though, if you ask me, is the Santa Claus feet! How darling! Tillie’s outfit does not employ the “red and white stripes” fashion motif seen in Tootsie’s outfit, but I think I detect a red and white polka dot theme around her collar. Well, coldtrix whichever way you go, red and white are the colors of Christmas, and while we all had a wonderful Christmas, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wearing Christmas jammies all year long, if that’s what you like, I’m thinking once the weather begins to turn, Tillie too will turn her fashion sense to something a little more “season appropriate.”

Maybe to something like I’m wearing? Here you see me in the classic blue and white Winter jammies covered all over with POLAR BEARS! While not specifically Christmas-themed, polar bears scream COLD like few other animals can. And yes, you’ll notice that my jammies also include that cute fashion detail of actual polar bears on my feet. Well….not actual polar bears, that would not be very comfortable or very safe, but you get the idea…

So, that’s our Winter Jammie Fashion Show! And now….it’s back to The Weather Channel!

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