sailorwhimsizedhat2It seems a long time since any of us have visited The Wonderful World of Whimsies. Not to say we aren’t running into pretty Whimsies on a constant basis, just that we’ve been so very busy lately, we haven’t had much time to write about it. But the other day I saw this adorable Whimsie in a cute little sailor suit, and I just have to say a word or two about her.

First of all, how can you not notice her beautiful hair? LOVE the curls! What a cute and perky style, and her hair color so perfectly matches her big, beautiful brown eyes. And somehow—I don’t know if it’s her hair, or her collar, the magic of photography, or just plain magic—her smile looks so wide and happy. I’ve heard Whimsie smiles described as “Watermelon” smiles, and isn’t that just the case for our pretty little sailor girl?

But now for the outfit! Or should I call it a costume? Because Whimsies aren’t usually sailors (although, who knows? Perhaps this one is!) so whenever you wear an outfit that says you are something that you really aren’t, wouldn’t that be a “costume”? Trixie may tend to disagree with me, because her Marvel superheroes wear “costumes,” and they really are superheroes. Oh, I guess we could get into a long discussion about the defining characteristics of the word “costume”….but let’s not!

Let’s just enjoy the sailor suit on this happy Whimsie. superheroThe red, white and blue theme makes her All-American, and the red and white stripes of her collar even emulate the American flag! The tidy little blue knot around her collar makes you wonder how many hours this Sailor Girl has spent practicing her knots on her very own costume. I mean outfit. I mean…oh, never mind.

You know what? Even though it’s Halloween, and wearing a “costume” would be totally appropriate, I’m choosing to believe this Whimsie actually is a sailor. We Whimsies here in Whimsieville tend to shy away from adventure, but that doesn’t mean all Whimisies are necessarily of the same spirit. I think this Sailor Girl, with her wind-tossed curls and sun-kissed freckled face, is sporting such an expansive watermelon Watermelon smile because she’s getting ready to ship out on her next adventure very soon!

We can only imagine…

But then, imagining is such a big part of what we Whimsies are all about.

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