vchair So it’s Easter Sunday, and we are here to say “Happy Easter!” to everyone who loves Easter, and loves holidays, and loves Whimsies, and (most of all) loves any occasion for dressing up.

We Whimsies have seized this opportunity to put on our “Sunday Best,” which, we sadly realized, is not as “best” as it could be. For Christmas we have lots of fancy frills and velvets and satins, but when we went through our wardrobe, we discovered that though we have many cute and comfortable dresses, none of them are extremely fancy.

Well, that’s just fine with us, actually. Whimsies are by nature extremely innovative and resourceful, and who wants to be stifled in tight, stiff uncomfortable clothing, anyway?

So, in true Whimsie fashion, we have taken our somewhat plain Springtime dresses and dressed them up with bows and shoes and socks and hats, and when all is said and done, I believe our Easter Portrait is most becoming.

But let’s take a moment to break it all down and see what each one of us is doing to celebrate this season.

vtillI’ll go first, and as you can see, I’m reworking an old favorite, our zebra striped dress. Who doesn’t feel simply fine in an animal print? So lively, so much fun! But you’ll notice I enhance my look with a pretty pair of patent leather shoes, and how could anyone possibly resist the lace trim on these fancy white socks?

It’s been so very cold here in Whimsieville for so very long this Winter, but now that the weather is warming up to Springtime temps, I’m perfectly willing to have my long unruly locks confined in a rather untamed high ponytail. The other Whimsies sometimes tell me that they envy my long and plentiful hair, and I can see how those who don’t have to deal with this crazy mane might think it a blessing. Well, to tell the truth, most of the time I do indeed consider my hair a blessing, but when the weather gets warm, getting it off my neck feels like heaven. So I complete my Easter look with a high crazy ponytail. I am ready to go!!

vtootsNow we look at Tootsie, who I must admit, took a bit of coaxing to get her back into a dress. You’ll remember that Toots has spent literally decades in the same dress, when what she really wanted more than anything was to wear her dungarees and run barefoot and climb trees. So asking her to put on a dress again for this portrait took some doing…until she saw this pretty pink shift, with the whimsical detail of several colorful ruffles.

As soon as she put on this dress, Tootsie declared that it was just as comfortable as any pair of dungarees she had ever worn! And not only that, but it paired so perfectly with this charming little pink hat, the closest thing to an “Easter Bonnet” that we could find in our collection of hats.

And hasn’t our new friend Tootsie so quickly learned how to work a hat? Look at that adorably shy expression, with just the slightest smile. It’s almost hard to believe that Tootsie has not spent the last several decades practicing her modeling looks in front of a mirror.

And oh! Did I happen to mention those sparkly pink sneakers? Now, sneakers are not usually though of as Easter finery, but with this outfit, don’t they look so perfect? If you ask me, this outfit says “Why can’t I be fancy, feminine and ready for fun and play, all at the same time?” Well, looking at Tootsie, I’m certain that anyone can clearly see that the answer to that question is a resounding: “Yes! You can!”

vtrix Tootsie wears the pink dress at Trixie’s suggestion. Yes, Trixie is being generous and kind to her new friend, but there is also a method to her madness. She has given the privledge of pink to Toots in exchange for permission to wear the creamy satin dress which Tootsie wore when she first came to us, several months ago now.

Actually, there was never a question that Tootsie would let any of us wear her old dress. She is only too happy to be out of it! And Trixie is only too happy to be in it! Here Trixie keeps it simple with the cream colored dress, a simple green bow, and golden ballerina slipper-type shoes. Bold Trixie has even opted to wear her shoes without socks, claiming the look is that much more elegant. Today, Trixie is our Pale Princess.

Finally, let’s look at Tessie, who revives the old classic of a Summer dress with a floppy, fringy bonnett. Not exactly an “Easter Bonnet,” but it works so well with this simple white dress. vtess

Wait! Did I say “simple”? Not so fast, my friend! You’ll notice that Tessies pretty little dress features tiny red polka dots, and more importantly, a jaunty gingham flower and bumble bee. Or is that a ladybug? Either way, this outfit screams, “Hello, Springtime! Hello and Good-Bye, because guess what? Already…I’m ready for Summer!”

And once again, how can I be forgetting to mention the shoes? Oh, the shoes! So cute, white patent leather with those huge festive white ribbon bows! If there was any doubt that this is a holiday outfit, you can put away all those doubts when you see the size of the bows on these shoes!

So that’s what it’s like to be a Whimsie at Easter—all dressed up and nowhere to go…except into the beautifully green fields of Whimsieville, where the bees are just now beginning to buzz (on more than just Tessie’s dress!) and the flowers are beginning to bloom, and the sun is shining so warmly today, that we will probably spend a good deal of our afternoon just running around and enjoying the outdoors.

vblooperLater today, I’m sure Tootsie will kick of her sparkly sneakers to run around in the grass, and start looking for trees to climb. The rest of us will take the dinosaurs out for a walk, so they can enjoy the fresh grass, and their favorite delicacy–-weeds. Mr. Squee will most likely spend a good deal of time with us outdoors as well, since he too loves to eat grass and weeds (even though he is not a dinosaur.) Here you can see how already, as we are attempting to have our Easter Portrait perfected, Mr. Squee can’t help but try to get himself in on the action!

By the end of the day, surely we will all be so tired, we’ll be glad to come in with the setting sun, and settle down to a treat of chocolate covered marshmallow eggs, and jellybeans and peeps. And if we’re very lucky, Miss Chrissy will save us some root beer to wash it all down with! How could Easter possibly get any better than that?


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