NN3 We’ve all had a wonderful Christmas here in Whimsieville, but now it’s almost the New Year, so yesterday I decided to sit down with the Whimsies to discuss the time-honored tradition of New Year’s Resolutions. The Whims know all about Resolutions, of course, just like the rest of us, but are usually so carefree, they don’t always feel compelled to make them. However, this year, because of our long conversation over steaming cups of hot chocolate stirred with candy canes, they got all hyped up about making some New Year’s Resolutions. After careful consideration, each has come up with a single idea about what they would like to do better in the new year. I could go ahead and tell you all about it, but I think it would be much better if I let them tell you in their own words.


Trixie, Tessie and I simply love to read books, but sometimes we get so busy with other things, we don’t always have the time for all the books we would like. Well…I can’t really speak for them—actually, they both seem to be quite contented with the number of books they read, because neither of them chose this as their New Year’s Resolution. But as for me, that’s my Resolution: read more books!

Here in Whimsieville we have so many wonderful books lining so many shelves in so many different places, that sometimes it’s hard to keep up with them all. It’s a favorite activity of mine (especially on a cold or rainy day) to quietly go through looking at all the different titles, thinking about how someday I would like to read those books. Well, guess what? That someday is now!

booksfallopenWhimsieville itself is such a magical place, but it is not the only magical place in this wonderful world. Books can send us to so many wonderful and magical places, if only we let them. All it takes is that first quiet moment when you take the book down from the shelf, open its spine, and jump right in. Then you’re hooked.

Well…most of the time. There are some books that are duds, but in my experience, so many more are simply a great vacation from the everyday. So, I resolve to take more vacations in this coming year. Because who doesn’t love a book? And who doesn’t love a vacation?


Tillie, Trixie and I have some pets that we don’t pay nearly enough attention to. I’m talking about our dinosaurs: Fred, Wilma, Betty and Barney. You know all about how these four dinos came to live with us here in Whimsieville, but what you may not know is that dinosaurs are actually very independent creatures. They totally enjoy their own little dinosaur society, but they don’t really need a lot of interaction with people….or Whimsies. They go outdoors to find their own food and water, then huddle together at night in their condo apartment, sharing dinosaur stories in their own secret dinosaur language. Sometimes late into the night we can hear them quietly jabbering and laughing, but of course none of us really know what they find so amusing. If you ask them about it the next day, they’ll gladly try to share the story about the funny antics of a butterfly or wasp that they saw in the garden, and start laughing about it all over again, but you’re just standing there, looking befuddled and politely agreeing, “Yes, very nice…very entertaining…” though of course you can’t really understand.

So anyway, it makes me feel good, when I think back on this past year, and how little attention we’ve paid to our pets, to know that they can get along perfectly fine without us. But at the same time, whenever we do take a few moments to hang out with the dinosaurs, it’s always such pleasant fun, for all of us. So I think we should do it more. At least, I think I should do it more. And that’s what I intend to do in this New Year. It will expand my world to look at life from a different point of view, and I think it will also make the dinosaurs happy. I say they don’t need us, but I know they always like it when care enough to include them in our activities. And who knows? Maybe if I make the effort, I’ll eventually be able to understand the reasons why such simple tales of butterflies make them giggle and howl with merriment.


As you all know, I spent a good many years living in a Hoard—many more years than either Tessie or Tille. It was not an enjoyable experience, but because it went on for so long, in some ways having things all messy around me doesn’t seem to bother me as much as it bothers the others. Sometimes I find that I don’t always put things away when I’m done with them, and this will drive Tillie crazy, if it’s books or comics, and it will drive Tessie crazy, if it’s clothes and hats from our wardrobe. It doesn’t drive me crazy, but when I think about it, I probably could be more considerate to everyone else here in Whimsieville if I made a better effort to clean up after myself.

nnsqueeNow, having said all that, I don’t want to give anyone the impression that I’m a slob! Because I’m not! It’s just that sometimes I get so wrapped up in what I’m doing that I just keep going, and keep doing, and NNTRIXdon’t really take a moment to think about the trail of stuff I’m leaving behind myself. I always go back eventually and clean up and “put away my toys,” so to speak, but I realize I don’t always do it as quickly and as considerately as I should, in view of the fact that there are many other people and Whimsies and dinosaurs that live here with me in Whimsieville—to say nothing of Mr. Squee, who is always so proper and clean, a “well-groomed gentleman,” as Miss Chrissy is always calling him. (And by the way, in case you’re wondering, Mr. Squee’s Resolution is to “Get More Rest” in the coming year.) Now it’s not that Mr. Squee would ever say anything to me about my mess—like the others do. But I know it must bother him as much as it bothers everyone else.

So that’s my plan for the New Year! Being neater, and more thoughtful. As plans go, I think it’s a pretty good one.

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