(The last time the Whimsies has a Round Table Book We-View Discussion, it was so much fun, they decided to do another. And with good reason, since there was some “unfinished business” left on the table…)

TILLIE. So, girls! The last time we met around the Round Table, it was to discuss some of our favorite books.

TRIXIE. Mine was Beastly Rhymes!

TESSIE. And mine was Chicken Soup with Rice!

TILLIE. And mine was Oh, What Nonsense. Fabulously fun books, all of them, but do you realize that there was a recurring theme among those three books?

(Trixie and Tessie think for a moment, then…)

TRIXIE. You mean because they were all very small books?

foxwhimsTESSIE. Or maybe because they are all what you would probably called “Children’s Books”? Though you certainly don’t have to a child to enjoy them.

TILLIE. Well, that’s some of it. Yes, they are small children’s books, but did you realize that all of our books contained…silly poetry?

TESSIE. Oh…yes! You’re right! Very silly poetry!

TRIXIE. I love poetry. Especially when it’s silly.

TILLIE. But do you realize one more thing? Somehow we got through a whole discussion of silly poetry without once mentioning Dr. Seuss!

TRIXIE. (aghast) What! No! How can that be?

TESSIE. I don’t believe it! Dr. Seuss is the KING of silly poetry.

TILLIE. He is. So I feel we have been greatly amiss in discussing silly poetry without including Seuss. But let’s remedy that situation right now, shall we?

TRIXIE. You’re holding a book behind your back, aren’t you, Till? What is it?

TESSIE. Yeah! What is it, what is it? Let us see!

TILLIE. (producing the book) It’s Fox in Socks, by Dr. Seuss!fox

TESSIE. (squealing) Oh! That’s absolutely my favorite Dr, Seuss book!

TRIXIE. Mine too!

TILLIE. Mine too. I mean, Dr. Seuss wrote a ton of good stuff, and some very silly poetry in all of it, but NOTHING beats Fox in Socks!

TESSIE. We agree! Great book!

TRIXIE. Yes! Great book! Everyone should go out and get a copy of Dr. Seuss’ Fox in Socks and read it all the way through every single night before going to bed. I think if people did that, they would all, in general, be much happier, and wouldn’t want to think about making wars and pollution so much.

TESSIE. Now, wait…wait, Trixie. Let’s think this through. I agree, it’s a great book, but I don’t think it’s going to solve all the problems in the world.

TRIXIE. (sighing) Okay. You’re right. I was just being dramatic. But I’m sure you agree that you can’t really be mad or sad while reading Socks in

TESSIE. FOX in Socks, Trix! Not Socks in Fox!

TRIXIE. (giggling) See! I’m feeling happier and sillier already!

TILLIE. So we all agree—great book. But let’s get more specific, shall we? Trixie, you’ve already expressed how happy you feel reading the book. Tessie: what do you like most about it?

TESSIE. (considering) Hmmmm….do you mean, like, what is my favorite poem from the whole book?foxpigs

TILLIE. If you like.

TESSIE. Well, how about that bit with the Pig Bands?

TILLIE. And why do you like that?

TESSIE. Because pigs are funny, aren’t they? All pink and goofy looking.

TRIXIE. I think a pig would make a good pet, don’t you?

TESSIE. Oh, yes! Yes! Maybe we should get one!

TILLIE. I don’t know how the dinosaurs would feel about that.

TESSIE. You’re right. They may not really get along so well.

TRIXIE. Or the dinosaurs might eat the piggies!dino

TILLIE. I don’t think so. Dinosaurs are herbivores.

TRIXIE. Well then…what if the piggies ate the dinosaurs?

TESSIE. No!! Don’t let it happen! I love our dinosaurs!

TILLIE. Not to worry, Tess. We’re not getting any pigs. But the pigs in this book…

TESSIE. THEM I like! (reciting) Ben’s band. Bim’s band. Big bands. PIG bands!

TRIXIE. Bands with brooms that bang and boom!

TILLIE. (giggles) It’s difficult to say, isn’t it?

TRIXIE. But not as hard as this: Who sews crow’s clothes? Sue sews crow’s clothes. Slow Joe Crow sews whose clothes?

TESSIE AND TILLIE. (in unison) Sue’s clothes!foxsew

(They all giggle.)

TILLIE. Ahhh….well, you know what I like best about this book? The way it starts slow, and keeps building up.

TESSIE. That’s right, because on the first page, what do we see? Fox. Socks. Box. Knox.

TILLIE. That’s all. But by the end of the book, after the pig bands, and the clocks and blocks, and the gooey-goo and the lake duck likes, what do we get?

TRIXIE. Ooh! Ooh! I know where you’re going with this! You’re talking about the tweetle beetles, aren’t you?

TILLIE. Of course!

TESSIE. What a grand finale! It’s the craziest thing ever.

TRIXIE. Ooh! Ooh! Let me read it? Can I read it?

TILLIE. (passing the book) You may have the honors, Trixie!

TRIXIE. Oh, good!

(She takes a deep breath, then reads the following)


(The three Whimsies are rolling on the floor, laughing. )

TESSIE. Oh, what fun!foxlaugh

TILLIE. Good for what ails you!

TRIXIE. They should write more books like this! Hey! Is Dr. Seuss still writing books like this?

TILLIE. (sobering up) No, Trix. I’m afraid to say, Dr. Seuss has passed away.

TRIXIE. (seriously) Oh…too bad….

TESSIE. (equally morose) Yes. Too bad…

TRIXIE. (suddenly, brightly) But, Till! At least you made a rhyme out if it, when you said, ‘I’m afraid to say, Dr. Seuss has passed away.’

TILLIE. Huh! I did! I bet Dr. Seuss would have loved that.

TESSIE. I’m sure he would have.

TILLIE. Well, he may be gone, but he wrote so many very, very fine and fun books for children…AND….for everyone else who has the heart of a child.

TRIXIE. Like us Whimsies!

TESSIE. This is one time I don’t mind being mistaken for a child or a baby! Give me that Dr. Seuss anytime, that’s what I say!

TILLIE. He certainly is good. Especially if you love having fun with language.

TRIXIE. Which I do!

TESSIE. And I do too!

TILLIE. (rhyming) And I am just the same as you!

TESSIE. (catching on) This time is done, this time was fun!

dr-seussTILLIE. And soon we’ll have another one!

TRIXIE. From here to there, from there to here….


(The three Whimsies are rolling around on the floor again, laughing. So I guess it’s left for me to say: This book review is officially OVER. Hope you liked it!)

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