couchAt certain points during this final episode of the first season of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, I became concerned the Whimsies might once again be stunned into speechlessness by some horrible turn of a plot point. It was rough going for a while there, but in the end, it turned out relatively well. And here’s what the Whimsies had to say about it:

TILLIE. So, girls! Did we have any cliffhangers?

TESSIE. Only one, really. But it’s the only one I care about. What’s going to happen to Fitz?

TRIXIE. Yeah. It’s most unfortunate. He didn’t have any air going to his brain for a long time. That can’t be good.

TILLIE. But it could have been worse. At least he’s alive! And so is Simmons.

TESSIE. He saved her life! And he told her he loves her!

TRIXIE. OMG!! Can you believe it?

TESSIE. Yeah, but what does it matter now, because we have no idea what he’s going to be like when we see him next. Is he going to be…like…a mindless, stupid person? I don’t think he’ll ever be as smart again! Oh!! I can’t bear to think about it!

TILLIE. Well, don’t get yourself all in a tizzy, Tessie. We don’t know yet. One thing we can feel pretty sure of, if they didn’t kill him off yet, they probably won’t kill him off any time soon. I think he’ll still be around…but for what purpose…?

TESSIE. Oh! It’s too sad! I don’t even want to talk about it.coulfury - Copy

TRIXIE. Okay then, can we talk about something else? How about Nick Fury?

TILLIE. Yeah! How about him?? He swoops in and saves the day!

TRIXIE. And Coulson gets to have a word or two with him.

TILLIE. AND Nick Fury basically tells him he’s an Avenger, and gives him the kings to the kingdom! He’s the new head of SHIELD!

TRIXIE. Well, what little there is left of it…

TILLIE. I’m glad. Coulson deserves it. He’s proven his worth. He’s a good leader.

TESSIE. Agreed! But what’s with that guy, the one we saw before? The one that got killed. Now there’s another? Is that his…twin brother?

TRIXIE. Maybe. Or maybe a Life Model Decoy.

TILLIE. Oh yeah! You were telling us about those! Do you think he really is?

TRIXIE. Possible. Though I think I remember Eric Koenig saying he was playing video games with his brother. So maybe that IS his brother, his twin.

TESSIE. Well, he certainly has that same fascination with lanyards, doesn’t he?

TILLIE. I like him. I hope they let this one stick around.

TESSIE. Well, at least it doesn’t look like Ward is going to be around to MURDER this one! So maybe he’s got a fighting chance.

TILLIE. Yeah! Talking about Ward, what do you think?

TRIXIE. He and May sure had one knock-down drag-out fight. It was awesome!

TESSIE. He had it coming…

TRIXIE. I especially liked when she nailed his feet to the floor.

TILLIE. You would, Trix.gun - Copy

TESSIE. It was a good fight! But I still don’t know if it trumps Coulson’s fight with Garrett.

TILLIE. You mean Coulson and Nick Fury’s fight with Coulson? When Nick Fury brings out that big alien gun and Coulson says “I know what this is for” and…WHAM!!!

TRIXIE. Yeah, but the better “WHAM!!!” was at the end, when Garret comes back from the dead, and puts himself in that chair, and is starting to become some sort of super-villain, and he’s gloating about it, and all of the sudden….WHAM!!! There’s Coulson again. And Garrett explodes. And that’s the end of that.

TESSIE. And Ward is getting carted off to prison, I guess. Where I hope he’ll rot forever, for what he did to Fitz.

TILLIE. Oh no! I hope he doesn’t rot! I hope he gets out, and tries to cause our agents some more trouble, and they get the chance for some revenge! Some payback!

TRIXIE. Maybe May should finish what she started.

TILLIE. But boy… that Ward, he sure did look beat, didn’t he?

TESSIE. Yeah! That was one of the best parts.

TILLIE. But before that, he seemed really…conflicted. I kept feeling like they were trying to show us that he’s not really a bad guy, he’s just been confused and abused by Garrett.

TESSIE. Confused, abused, lashmoozed! Who cares! He’s shot innocent SHIELD agents IN THE BACK!! He threw Fitz and Simmons into the sea. He’s saying, “Oh yes, I DO care about you…that’s my weakness…” Who cares??? He deserves everything he gets from this point forward!

TILLIE. And speaking of ‘this point forward,’ what do you all see for the future? For next season?

TRIXIE. Well, I liked that bit at the end, where Raina brings Skye’s picture to somebody, we don’t see who it is, but I guess it’s Skye’s father, and I guess he’s a monster….

TILLIE. I see that being a big story in season two, finding out about Skye’s parents—if they really are monsters.

TRIXIE. And finding out what Raina is…really. Finding out what she ‘will become.’

TESSIE. And what about Deathlok? He’s been released from the bad guys. Now he can be a good guy. deathl

TRIXIE. Yeah. I guess he’ll always be out there. Who knows when we’ll see him again. IF we’ll see him again.

TILLIE. Who knows if we’ll see Nick Fury again?

TESSIE. Who knows if we’ll see Fitz again? Who knows a lot of stuff, right?

TRIXIE. And Garrett writing all that strange stuff, and then Coulson writes it too. Was is all that?

TESSIE. You mean you don’t know?

TRIXIE. No! How would I know?

TESSIE. Well, you’ve read all those comic books.

TRIXIE. Yeah, but if there’s ever been something like that, I must have missed that issue.

TILLIE. We can guess it’s something alien.

TESSIE. OR, Coulson is losing his mind. Just like Garrett did.explode

TRIXIE. Oh! Garrett! Don’t even talk about Garrett! I am SO glad he exploded!

TILLIE. I’m so glad everybody’s okay. Well, except for Fitz. But at least he’s alive.

TRIXIE. I think they’ve left us in pretty good shape for the next season. No really steep cliffhangers, and just enough reason to come back and find out what happens next.

TILLIE. Hey, girls, it’s been a fun ride so far, hasn’t it?

TESSIE. (uncertainly) Mostly.

TRIXIE. Yeah, mostly. There were some bumps along the way. But this last episode was okay. Kind of put us back on track.

TILLIE. Looking forward to more?

TESSIE. Definitely! But we’ve got such a long time to wait until the Fall!

TRIXIE. But we have lots of other stuff to watch and do in the meantime. Let’s get caught up with the rest of our Marvel movies while we’re waiting!

TILLIE. But we’ve already seen them all! Well, all the ones that have been put on disc.thor-movie-poster-1

TRIXIE. But we haven’t watched them all TWICE.

TESSIE. How true…how true…

TRIXIE. So, we should make a point of doing that, don’t you think?

TESSIE. But there’s lots of other stuff on the shelves we haven’t watched yet. What about all that?

TILLIE. I think we need a plan. For the whole summer. I think we need to make a list.

TRIXIE. We each need to make a list, then we’ll compare our lists and combine them.

TILLIE. Great idea, Trix!

TESSIE. Yeah! Great idea!

TRIXIE. (running off) I’ll get paper!

TESSIE. (running off) I’ll get some pens!

TILLIE. Ooh! Ooh! Can you get me the one with the purple ink?

TRIXIE. (from across the room) I want red!

Well, that was how the final Marvel Agents of SHIELD for Season One ended, penwith the three Whimsies making plans for future entertainments. I was so glad to see they did not end the season on a sour note. Despite certain uncertainties, they are all managing to stay upbeat and hopeful for when their favorite TV show starts up again in the Fall. See you around the Round Table then!

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